Polka Dot Wall Stickers | 80 sticker pack

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Polka Dot wall art stickers will brighten up a room within minutes!

  • 80 Stickers included
  • Select from 2cm / 4cm / 6cm diameters
  • Available in 30 matt colours, providing a clean, non reflective finish.
  • Super easy to fit, simply peel and stick.

Polka dot stickers are a great way of creatively decorating a wall, window, door & more. You could use them in a Kids bedroom, Nursery or Playroom. Or add to a feature wall in your Lounge, Office, Bathroom, Kitchen or Bedroom. 

Wall art decals will stick to most things (needs to be smooth and flat) They're easy to fit and can be removed if you decide to change it up at a later date.

We have a huge range of peel and stick wall art decals, such as: Triangles, Squares, Stars, Love Hearts, Dalmatian Spots, Rockets, Clouds, Leaves, Teepee's, Bears, Dinosaurs, and many more!